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LWS TR&T Focus Teams:

Solar-energetic particles origin at the sun and inner heliosphere

Team Chair: Mihir Desai
Next Team Meeting: Working Group session at 2007 SHINE meeting.

Team-Maintained Web Site:
Team Publications:
Team Members:

  • Jozsef Kota, U. Arizona
  • Gang Li, UCR
  • Yuri Litvinenko, UNH
  • Igor Sokolov, U. Michigan
  • Allan Tylka, NRL

Goals and measures of success: The goal of this Topic is to develop usable,
quantitative models for solar-energetic particle acceleration near the Sun by
realistic CMEs that propagate these particles in realistic coronal and heliospheric
magnetic fields throughout the heliosphere. Another goal of this Topic is to
identify the particle sources and to assess their relative contributions to intensities
observed at 1 AU.

Types of solicited investigations: Proposals are encouraged that relate solarenergetic
particles to their origin at the Sun and inner heliosphere, and characterize their
variability at L1. Proposals involving numerical models should emphasize combining
particle acceleration and transport with realistic, three dimensional CME
structures thought to be characteristic of coronal and heliospheric magnetic
fields. Such proposals should also emphasize comparisons with observations
of various particle species, including the ultra-heavy ions (trans Ni) that cause
damage to in situ space systems. Theoretically based proposals should target
aspects of this problem that lead to basic scientific understanding of the necessary coupling
described above. Proposals involving spacecraft observations should attempt to constrain
numerical and analytic models. Objectives include, but not limited to: (i) the time scale
for accelerating particles; (ii) the location of acceleration region; (iii) particle distributions;
and (v) the variability of these particle distributions at L1.




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