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Living With A Star

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Magnetosphere-Ionosphere Coupling in the Solar SystemA Cross-Discipline Infrastructure Building Conference

ROSES ID: NNH13ZDA001N      Selection Year: 2013      

Program Element: Cross-Discipline Infrastructure Building Programs

Principal Investigator: Robert Schunk

Affiliation(s): Utah State University

Project Member(s):
Chappell, Charles R Co-I Vanderbilt University
Nagy, Andrew F. Co-I University of Michigan


Over the half century of exploration of the Earths space environment, it has become evident that the interaction between the ionosphere and the magnetosphere plays a dominant role in the evolution and dynamics of magnetospheric plasmas and fields. It is now being found that this same interaction is of fundamental importance at other planets and moons throughout the solar system. We propose to hold a cross-discipline AGU Chapman conference, which will examine the details of the coupling processes using results from both measurements and modeling. This conference addresses the Cross-Discipline Infrastructure Building Program portion of the Living With a Star (LWS) Program solicitation. Topics that will be discussed include the ionosphere as a source of magnetospheric plasma, the effects of the low energy ionospheric plasma on the stability of the more energetic plasmas, the role of currents and electric/magnetic fields in coupling the two regions, the unified global modeling of the ionosphere and magnetosphere, and the coupling of ionosphere and magnetosphere at other planets and moons in the solar system. Our goal is to enhance the understanding of this coupling by researchers in both the heliophysics and planetary science communities through the sharing of measurements and modeling techniques. This conference is planned to occur on the 40th anniversary of the initial magnetosphere-ionosphere coupling conference that took place at Yosemite National Park in 1974 giving a four decade perspective of the progress in understanding these fundamental processes. Short segments of the video of the original meeting in 1974 will be used to set the stage in the sessions and the total original video recording will be digitized for the use as an historical resource by the heliophysics and planetary sciences communities. The conference has been approved as an American Geophysical Union Chapman Conference and, in addition to the NASA support proposed herein, is expected to receive support from the National Science Foundation that will help with student travel.


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1Seki, K.; Nagy, A.; Jackman, C. M.; Crary, F.; Font...
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1Seki, K.; Nagy, A.; Jackman, C. M.; Crary, F.; Fontaine, D.;...
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