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Magnetic structure and current signatures of storms and substorms

ROSES ID: NRA-00-OSS-01      Selection Year: 2001      

Program Element: Independent Investigation: LWS

Principal Investigator: Anders M. Jorgensen

Affiliation(s): Los Alamos National Laboratory


We are proposing to use historic data sets to explore the three-dimensional structure of magnetic fields and currents in the inner magnetosphere during storms and substorms. In previous work [Jorgensen, 2000, submitted] we used CRRES data to measure the configuration of the azimuthal ring current, including the total current, its spatial distribution, as well as the motion and asymmetry of the ring current as a function of activity as defined by Dst. In preliminary studies using CRRES and SCATHA data we found that it is possible to measure the weaker non-azimuthal currents as well as the signatures of substorms. We intend to use historic data from the CRRES, SCATHA, and DE-1 missions to (1) map the magnetic fields and current systems associated with magnetic storms, (2) map the magnetic fields and current systems associated with substorms, and (3) build analytical empirical models of these currents using empirical models from the literature as well as models we create inspired from the maps.


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1Jorgensen, A. M.; Spence, H. E.; Hughes, W. J.; Sin...
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1Jorgensen, A. M.; Singer, H. J.; Hughes, W. J.; Spe...

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