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Free Book: "The Sun, The Earth, and Near Earth Space" A Guide to the Sun-Earth System

By John A. Eddy

NASA Publication: #NP-2009-1-066-GSFC


Book Contents:


Textbook series on "Heliophysics"

Edited by Karel Schrijver, George Sisco, Fran Bagenal, and Jan Sojka

These books resulted from a series of summer schools being taught around the themes of these volumes; problem sets are available to complement the material in the textbooks. The Heliophysics books aim at the advanced undergraduate and starting graduate-level students, taking the perspective of heliophysics as a single intellectual discipline. The books touch on most branches of heliophysics, with particular emphasis on universal processes and on the multi-disciplinary character of many of its diverse range of specialties.

The sub-disciplines within Heliophysics have a rich variety of available textbooks, but no textbooks have existed until now that present the diverse materials from their common physical principles, and help teachers well-versed in one discipline to teach the directly related areas within other disciplines.