National Aeronautics and Space Administration

Living With A Star

Targeted Research and Technology

The Collaborative Sun-Earth Connector

ROSES ID: NRA-02-OSS-01      Selection Year: 2003      

Program Element: Independent Investigation: LWS

Principal Investigator: Neal E. Hurlburt

Affiliation(s): Lockheed Martin Solar & Astrophysics Lab

Project Member(s):
Freeland, Samuel L COI Lockheed Palo Alto Research Labs
Hill, Frank COI National Solar Observatory
Bose, Prasanta COI Lockheed Martin Advanced Techlgy Ctr
Slater, Gregory Lee COI L941


The success of the LWS program demands that scientists be able to navigate through a complex, distributed data system to find the data they need; efficiently cull through possibly peta-bytes of data to acquire the relevant information; and assimilate data from multiple instruments and missions reactively or proactively via intelligent interpretation, comparison and fusion. A working environment and data assimilation infrastructure that presents the LWS components as an integrated, robust system is essential to keeping the focus on the science rather than on data management - and this system must be operational when SDO is launched in 2007. We propose to develop a test-bed, distributed data system that can meet this goal. The Collaborative Sun-Earth Connector (CoSEC) will merge the successful components of current state-of-the-art prototype systems, including the ''Problem-Solving Environment for Living with a Star'' (PSELWS), the ''European Grid of Solar Observations'' (EGSO) and the ''Virtual Solar Observatory (VSO), as well as on-going development of SolarSoft applications. PSELWS will provide the basic system architecture; ESGO and VSO will provide integration into the grid infrastructure -- with its security and resource-allocation capabilities -- and unified data descriptions. The CoSEC system will be populated with application services to support space weather prediction, space climate characterization and Solar-B and STEREO data analysis operations. A flare foresting application will build upon these services to assess the performance of CoSEC and to form the foundation of a distributed, empirical tool for space weather forecasting -- the first space weather ''killer-app''. At the end of this three-year project, the CoSEC test-bed will have laid the groundwork for implementing a complete LWS/SDO data system.


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