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Progenitors to Geoeffective Coronal Mass Ejections: Filaments and Sigmoids

ROSES ID: NRA-02-OSS-01      Selection Year: 2003      

Program Element: Independent Investigation: LWS

Principal Investigator: David McKenzie

Affiliation(s): Montana State University-Bozeman

Project Member(s):
Leamon, Robert James COI Montana State University-Bozeman
Schmidt, Leslie L Authorizing Official Montana State University-Bozeman
Li, Yan Collaborator University of California Berkeley


Coronal mass ejections -- particularly those with flux rope structures -- have the potential to trigger geomagnetic storms, depending on the properties of the flux ropes. Because of the increasing importance of geoeffectiveness, it is desireable to be able to predict coronal mass ejections, and to predict how geoeffective they may be. Analyses of coronal sigmoids (e.g., Canfield et al. 1999, Leamon et al. 2002) have indicated sigmoid eruptions are important drivers of space weather. Chromospheric filaments and sigmoids both have been modeled with flux rope structure; however Leamon et al. (2002) suggested that magnetic clouds associated with filament eruptions are different from magnetic clouds associated with erupting sigmoids. If the potential for geoeffectiveness depends on the details of the pre-eruption magnetic structures, can the characteristics of magnetic clouds at 1 au be related statistically to measurements made via remote sensing, e.g, via X-ray coronal imagery and/or photospheric magnetography? This investigation will address this question, by combining data from solar observatories like Yohkoh/SXT, SoHO/MDI with near-Earth monitors like ACE, WIND, etc., to explore possible systematic differences between filaments and sigmoids and the magnetic clouds which are associated with them.


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1McKenzie, David   MT SU - Progenitors to Geoeffective Coron...
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1McKenzie, D. E.; Leamon, R. J.; (2004), Geoeffective CM...
1McKenzie, D. E.; Wilson, K. G.; Leamon, R. J.; (2005...

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