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A Comprehensive Statistical Analysis of Thermospheric Neutral Wind Measurements; Building a Testing a New Reference Model

ROSES ID: NRA-NNH04ZSS001N      Selection Year: 2005      

Program Element: Data, Tools, & Methods

Principal Investigator: Douglas Drob

Affiliation(s): US Naval Research Laboratory


Based on the success and failures of the HWM-93 model, we propose to construct a new empirical wind reference model to answer several important science questions relating to the place of thermospheric winds in the broader LWS objectives. Our new model will also serve as the benchmark for future scientific investigations and numerical simulations of the thermosphere/ionosphere system.


Performance YearReferenceActions
1Drob, D. P.; Emmert, J. T.; Picone, J. M.; (2006), E...
1Drob, D. P.; Emmert, J.; Picone, M.; Crowley, G.; (2...
1Drob, Douglas; Emmert, John; Picone, Michael; (2008), E...

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