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Quantitative Validation and Assessments of Solar/Heliospheric 3D Model Codes Using Empirical Data from Remote-Sensing and In Situ Measurements

ROSES ID: NNH05ZDA001N      Selection Year: 2006       Duration: 5 years

Program Element: NSF Partnership

Principal Investigator: Leonard Strachan

Affiliation(s): Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory


We propose to use current and future MHD codes to construct 3D time-dependent models of the coupled Sun/heliosphere system for specific time intervals. Observations from SOHO, ACE,WIND, Ulysses and other solar/heliospheric missions will be used as benchmarks to test the model results. We will work with the developers of the 3D MHD codes to produce test metrics that will provide an independent and quantitative assessment. The models, test results and related software tools will be shared with the code developers and other researchers.


Performance YearReferenceActions
1Strachan, L.; Zurbuchen, T. H.; Kohl, J. L.; Panasyu...

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