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Towards a Predictive Model for the Day-To-Day Variability of Equatorial Ionospheric Spread-F Bubbles

ROSES ID: NNH07ZDA001N      Selection Year: 2008      

Program Element: Focused Science Topic

Principal Investigator: Michael J. Keskinen

Affiliation(s): Naval Research Laboratory


An outstanding problem in ionospheric-thermospheric physics, which has a major impact on human technology, is the day-to-day variability of equatorial ionospheric spread-F bubbles. The objective of the proposed research is the development of a predictive model for the day-to-day variability of equatorial spread-F bubble structures. The approach will be to use our recently developed 3D time-dependent first-principles nonlinear plasma fluid simulation model in combination with different seeding mechanisms. The effects of different seeding mechanisms, both separately and in combination, will be studied and assessed. The proposed research is significant in that it will lead to a much improved understanding of the mechanism(s) for the triggering and subsequent growth of equatorial ionospheric spread-F bubbles and a predictive model for the day-to-day variability of these bubble structures.


Performance YearReferenceInvestigation TypeActions
1Keskinen, M. J.; Vadas, Sharon L.; (2009), Three-dimens...
not set
1Vadas, Sharon L.; Keskinen, M. J.; (2010), Correction t...
not set
1Keskinen, M. J.; (2010), Equatorial ionospheric bubble pre...
not set


Performance YearReferenceActions
1Keskinen, M. J.; Vadas, S.; (2008), Excitation of Equato...
1Keskinen, M. J.; Vadas, S.; (2009), Generation of equato...

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