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The "Eddy Cross-Disciplinary Symposium on Sun-Climate Research"

ROSES ID: NNH09ZDA001N      Selection Year: 2010      

Program Element: Cross-Discipline Infrastructure Building Programs

Principal Investigator: Philip Judge

Affiliation(s): National Center for Atmospheric Research


In June 2009, the world lost a pioneer in sun-climate research,

Dr. Jack Eddy. We propose a workshop centered on the LWS Sun-climate

theme to celebrate the life, work, and cross-disciplinary approach of

this remarkable man. We ask for funding to help bring significant

numbers of students, from undergraduates to doctoral students,

together with acknowledged experts and interested researchers, with

several aims: We wish to stimulate talented students to enter the

climate and solar research areas; we wish to assess the subject area

some 34 years after Eddy's seminal paper on the "Maunder minimum", at

a period when the Sun's behavior is somewhat unusual and political

interest is intense; we want to highlight Jack's career as an

outstanding example of cross-discliplinary research; last, but not

least, we wish to celebrate the life of a remarkable man.

The meeting, if selected by NASA for support, will be scheduled sometime in 2010/2011 to optimize attendance by

students and the Eddy family.
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