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LWS Workshops "Local Helioseismology: Data Analysis, Modeling and Comparisons"

ROSES ID: NNH09ZDA001N      Selection Year: 2010      

Program Element: Cross-Discipline Infrastructure Building Programs

Principal Investigator: Alexander Kosovichev

Affiliation(s): Stanford University

Project Member(s):
Mansour, Nagi Nicolas Co-I NASA Ames Research Center
Komm, Rudolf Co-I National Solar Observatory
Scherrer, Philip H. Co-I HEPL


We propose a series of 3 annual workshops in 2010-12 for

discussing data analysis techniques and inferences of local

helioseismology, helioseismic numerical simulations, their

applications for verification and testing of the analysis

methods, and comparisons of the techniques and results. Local

helioseismology provides tools for imaging structures and mass

flows below the solar surface, and becomes increasingly

important for understanding the mechanisms of solar activity

and developing physics-based forecasts of the solar cycle,

emerging active regions and energy release events. However,

local helioseismology diagnostics are very challenging,

particularly, in regions of strong magnetic fields, because of

the complexity of interactions of solar oscillations with the

turbulent magnetized plasma of the convection zone and the

solar atmosphere. Numerical simulations of solar MHD waves and

turbulent dynamics give important insights into the complicated

wave and turbulence physics, and also provide artificial data

for verification and testing of helioseismology methods and

results. Thus, we propose a series of the annual workshops to

discuss and stimulate further development of local

helioseismology methods, models, and numerical simulations. The

workshops will provide a key support to the LWS TR&T

helioseismology projects, for the space missions, SDO and

Hinode, and ground-based helioseismology networks.
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