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Self-Organized Criticality in Solar Physics

ROSES ID: NNH10ZDA001N      Selection Year: 2011      

Program Element: Solar Dynamics Observatory

Principal Investigator: Markus Aschwanden

Affiliation(s): Lockheed Martin Advanced Techology Center

Project Member(s):
Charbonneau, Paul Collaborator Universite de Montreal
Vekstein, Grigory Collaborator The University of Manchester


The solar corona is a nonlinear dissipative system

that exhibits self-organized criticality (SOC),

regarding the generation of magnetic flux elements,

nanoflares, microflares, large flares, and CMEs.

With AIA we can study for the first time extensive

statistics of these SOC phenomena with high

spatial resolution, high cadence, and comprehensive

temperature coverage, which will greatly

improve new physical insights into the dynamics

and statistics of solar phenomena, such as

the role of nanoflares for coronal heating, the

universal relationship between the fractal geometry

of energy dissipation domains and energy frequency

distributions, or scaling laws between geometric

and physical solar flare parameters. SOC phenomena

are also common in geophysics (earthquakes),

magnetospheric physics (auroral emission, substorms),

stellar physics (stellar flares), pulsars (giant pulses),

and accretion disks around black holes. We propose to

analyze and model SOC phenomena from SDO/AIA and HMI data,

which have optimum cadence, spatial resolution, and complete

time and temperature coverage.


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