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Living With A Star

Targeted Research and Technology

Investigation of the Production and Evolution of Chromospheric, EUV, and X-Ray Jets using Observations from Hinode, STEREO, and SDO

ROSES ID: NNH10ZDA001N      Selection Year: 2011      

Program Element: Focused Science Topic

Principal Investigator: Alphonse Sterling

Affiliation(s): NASA/MSFC/NSSTC

Project Member(s):
Moore, Ronald Lee Co-I MSFC/NSSTC


We propose a four-year program in response to the Living With a Star (LWS)

Targeted Research and Technology (TR&T) solicitation, a Targeted Investigation

under Focused Science Topic 1.2.1.(c): ``Jets in the Solar Atmosphere and

their Effects in the Heliosphere.'' We will study solar jets, using data

primarily from the Hinode, SDO, and STEREO satellites. The solar jets include

chromospheric spicules, especially type II spicules; EUV (transition region)

jets; and X-ray (coronal) jets. We will use data from all three Hinode

instruments: SOT, EIS, and XRT; from AIA and HMI on SDO, from SECCHI on STEREO;

and we will also use data from other sources, such as SOHO/LASCO. Our study

will focus on four main study topics: (1) the origin and evolution of spicules

on and just inside the limb, using SOT/Ca ii data and image processing

techniques; (2) the location of polar spicules (and other jets when possible)

relative to the magnetic network, using mainly SOT/Ca ii data with SOT

spectropolarimeter (SP) and HMI vector magnetograms; (3) the connection between

jets and features at chromospheric, EUV, and soft X-ray (SXR) wavelengths; and

(4) the detailed nature of the X-ray jet mechanism and the implications for the

same mechanism occurring on the size scale of chromospheric spicules, and also

the connection between X-ray jets (and other jets) and coronal outflows into

the heliosphere visible in coronagraph images. Most of our projects can be

completed with already-identified or readily-available data sets. New

observations from Hinode may be requested but are not required for the success

of the project. Both the P.I. and Co-I have extensive experience with the type

of data sets to be used, and a worker at the postdoc level will be supported.

This work will address the Targeted Investigation objectives by increasing our

understanding of jet origins, development, manifestations in different

wavelength regimes, and connections to the coronal outflows at the base of the

heliosphere. This work is relevant to NASA in that it will result in

scientific output from several NASA-related satellites, and in that--in

studying solar jets--this work will yield new insights into a likely major

source of the solar wind, which is an important component of ``space weather.''


Performance YearReferenceInvestigation TypeActions
1Moore, Ronald L.; Sterling, Alphonse C.; Cirtain, Jon...
not set
1Moore, Ronald L.; Sterling, Alphonse C.; Gary, G. Allen; Cir...
not set
1Moore, Ronald L.; Sterling, Alphonse C.; Falconer, David A.;...
not set
1Moore, Ronald L.; Sterling, Alphonse C.; Falconer, David A.;...
not set
1Sterling, Alphonse C.; Moore, Ronald L.; Falconer, David A.;...
not set
1Sterling, Alphonse C.; Moore, Ronald L.; Falconer, Da...
not set


Performance YearReferenceActions
1Moore, Ronald L.; Sterling, A. C.; Falconer, D.; Robe, D. M....
1Sterling, Alphonse; Moore, Ronald; Falconer, David; (2015), ...
1Sterling, A. C.; Moore, R. L.; Falconer, D. A.; Ada...
1Sterling, A. C.; Bakucz Canario, D.; Moore, R. L.; Falconer,...
1Panesar, N. K.; Sterling, A. C.; Moore, R. L.; (2015...
1Sterling, A. C.; Baikie, T. K.; Falconer, D. A.; Mo...
1Sterling, A. C.; Moore, R. L.; Martinez, F.; Falcone...
1Sterling, Alphonse C.; Moore, Ronald L.; Falconer, David; Pa...

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