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Preparing for Solar Probe Plus: Probing the Solar Wind Acceleration Region with Remote Sensing of MHD Waves

ROSES ID: NNH14ZDA001N      Selection Year: 2014      

Program Element: Physics of the Inner Heliosphere

Principal Investigator: Craig DeForest

Affiliation(s): Southwest Research Institute

Project Member(s):
Vourlidas, Angelos Collaborator JHU/APL
Howard, Timothy A Co-I Southwest Research Institute


We propose to exploit the newly discovered wave field in the outer corona to probe the wind acceleration region, Alfv n surface location, and longitudinal structure as preparation for the upcoming Solar Probe Plus mission.


Performance YearReferenceInvestigation TypeActions
1Tenerani A.; Velli M.; DeForest C.; (2016). Inward Motions i...
DeForest C. E.; Matthaeus W. H.; Howard T. A.; Rice D. R.; (...
Data Model Comparison
Data Model Comparison
2DeForest C. E.; Matthaeus W. H.; Viall N. M.; Cranmer S. R.;...
Data Analysis
1Howard, T. A.; DeForest, C. E.; (2015), Observations of...
not set


Performance YearReferenceActions
1DeForest, Craig; Matthaeus, William; Howard, Tim; (2015...
1DeForest, C. E.; (2015), 2-D and 3-D Heliospheric Imaging fr...
1DeForest, C. E.; (2015), Remote sensing of plasma motion and...
1DeForest, Craig; Howard, Tim A.; Howard, Russell A.;...
1DeForest, C. E.; Howard, T. A.; (2016), The Future of S...

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